atelier kim.gottlieb


There are always more ideas than can be realized in exhibitions, installtions, Kunst am Bau and other application of our media art concepts. In this section we would like to share some of the more conceptual aspects of our practice which underlies the work which is eventually seen by the public.

Below are some interesting “bloopers” or impossible landscapes generated by the custom dataset-trained GANwe developed for the LG Best Shop Natura Naturans project. 

these are outtake from the LG Best Shop project. Generative landscapes that were beautiful in their way, but too alien to be included in the final product.

you can see here how the ML GAn struggles to distinguish sky from water from the surface of a leaf...

These are images generated from a curated selection of over 1000 landscape images using 

Natural Naturans

2 minutes generative video produced through machine learning using curated concatenated datasets and selective training methods.  

“Nature naturing” a phrase associated with philosopher Benedict Spinoza to refer to “nature doing what nature does”

In this work, we explore the relationship between the fertility of the earth and growth of plants, including the energy of the sun and the miracle of water, which connects humanity to all life on the planet. 

AI is also an expression of Nature, a mirror of Nature. This work is the product of a machine learning operations on an innovative sectional dataset where the artistic gesture goes deep into the training methods for the algorithm itself.  Using photographic landscape images,  we begin to understand better humanity’s relationship to nature and get a clue about how to sustainably care for the planet during an age of rapid technological progress.

제목 "자연의 자연화"는 철학자 베네딕트 스피노자의 "자연이 하는 일을 하는 자연”에서 나온 아이디어입니다. 이 컨텐츠 개념은 우리가 경험할 수 있는 식물과 꽃의 성장, 자연의 힘, 세포 구조 및 토양, 태양에너지, 자연의 모든 생명체와 연결하는 물을 포함하여 지구의 비옥함과 식물의 성장에 대한 탐구를 바탕으로 한 디지털 미디어 컨텐츠 작업이다.

Here is a concept for a permanent exhibition using Gobos on the outside of a hotel, with a Film Noir theme.