atelier kim.gottlieb

is an art collaboration specialized in media art for public space, media design and kunst am bau

the Kim in atelier kim.gottlieb is Jinran Kim, a visual artist whose work has been collected and exhibited in a wide variety of contexts around the world. Gottlieb is Baruch Gottlieb an artist specialized in digital epistemology and data aesthetics with a back ground in flimmaking.

atelier kim.gottlieb approaches each new project with deep research not only into the history of the site, institutional and socio-geographical context , but also with a view to positioning new work in the context of the history of knowledge production, art, science and technology. Grounding the aesthetic product in philosophy and history produces media object, effects and strategies which resonate layered temporalities help tease out new connections between the public and their space.    Since many of their works are designed for public space, they are conceived of to be seen over and aver, to remain fresh and full of new dimensions of meaning to be discovered. 

The Early Days, the beginnings of akg

Atelier Kim&Gottlieb represents collaborative and individual projects by Canadian Baruch Gottlieb and Korean Jinran Kim. Their first collaboration was Gottlieb’s Text for Kim’s photo diary in her object “The thirty years Old” Their collaboration intensified in the production of audio and video works for Kim’s object “Yearning for Siesta”, “Memorial Object” and “End of Lee Dynasty”. Kim and Gottlieb traveled together throughout Europe presenting and elaborating these works at various festivals and exhibitions. The permanent installation “Chance Encounter” features Jinran Kim’s distinctive soap objects in a new presentation spawned of their deepening collaboration. “Chance Encounter” was the first time Jinran Kim showed her work publicly in Seoul and Baruch Gottlieb’s first solo show in Korea opened a month later for the exhibition of the patterned floor “Step-On Skin for a Bawdy Walking Rhythm”. Soon after Kim and Gottlieb were approached to make a proposal for the lobby floors of the prestigious Acrovista development in southern Seoul. Combining their strengths, Kim and Gottlieb won the contract do the floors and soon embarked on another successful bid to do massive public artwork for the new City Hall of Gwangju. The completed work is the largest fiber optic installation of its kind in the world. Atelier Kim&Gottlieb attempts to convey some of the conceptual approaches and creative passions of this diverse and compelling partnership. An unexpected pairing of talents, abilities and personalities creates luminous and expansive works: the unique phenomena named Atelier Kim&Gottlieb.