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Flutter Dance 

Projections and concept for large public screens
Sung Rae Mun / COEX Media Fassade  2019

Special commission to produce projection mapped contents for UNESCO heritage “Great West Gate” in downtown Seoul, Korea.  We chose a colourful butterfly theme, patterned like luxurious robes on the famous and much loved gate. The projections were quite popular, and covered on national news. Subsequent to thiis we were asked to restage the project for the multiple screens outside COEX Center in the southern seoul business district. There we went for patterns which looked even more explicitly like ones you might see on fashionable fabrics or bags.

Voyage through a Water Drop

Sulhaewon Multi-Projector Array,
Yang Yang, Korea 2018

Special commission for a large cylindrical meeting area in a hotel resort in YangYang, Korea fitter with a 6-projector array, projecting contents on the ceiling. We wanted a cooling, calming environment which people would enjoy spending time in, so we chose the anatomy of water as our theme. Using a combination of 3-d animation and other effects our contents told the story of the origin of water on Earth, its atomic structure, vapour, clouds, ripples, drops and flows. 

Lotte World Tower

Media Fassade Art Contents
Seoul, Korea

We were commissioned to produce the first set of media contents for the talest building in Korea (5th tallest in the world) Lotte World Tower.

Gwangan Bridge

Media Fassade Art Contents 2014

We produced 4 narrative sequences for the LED matrix built into the two abuttments and the trusses structure. We developed the theme “communication” depicting  telephone calls, sign language and various other forms of exchange . 

Giant Clam

Yeosu EXPO Media sculpture 2012

One of only 3 major artworks commissioned for the 2012 World Fair in Yeousu, South Jeolla province, Korea, our Tridacna gigas or Giant Clam scupture featured a large 16m2 rounded LED screen with interactive contents produced in collaboration with Onformative.  The media contents attempted to evoke the sensibility of a Giant Clam, an endangered species which lives in Coral Reefs, attempting to build a rapport with visitors to the Fair. The interactive media surface was housed in a massive mosaic tile-covered clam shell which also feature inflatable “lips” which waxed and waned during the course of the day and night. 

POSCO Media Screen

Art Contents,
Gwuangyang, Korea 2012

We were commissioned to produce new media contents as well as to curate contents from other European media artists for a highly visible 80m long cylindrical display overlooking major trasport arteries in Gwangyang.  Our contents featured cellular automata transforming into primordeal beings moving in thinck fluid, we also curated pieces from OIOI and Hanna Haslaati, and adapted materials from Nam June Paik for display on this screen.

GT Tower

Media Fassade Art Contents, Seoul

Berlin GLS Building

Text Projection Permanent installation 2006

This installtion transformed architectural feature common to many Berlin buildings, small openings used to ventilate attics into luminous dancing letters forming colourful words on the facade side.  We installed wood stencils in the windows and projected a generative 4-channel PAR light aray through the stencil onto frosted glass plated attached to the front of the building.  The stencils can be easily replaced to spell any 6-letter word in any language. The lighting electronics and the robustness and simplicty of the concept means that the installation is still up and running, and loved by the client 17-years after installation, with only one maintenance call in teh whole 17 years - you can’t say that about a lot of media art installations!

Ray of Gwangju

Gwangju new city hall, Gwuangj, Korea 2003

Ten meters high and 40 meters across this massive wall sculpture of Gwangju’s landmark Mudeung mountain is made of pibre-optic fabrics. Certainly the larges fibre-optic sculpture of its kind, the Ray of Gwangju represented the history of the region now transfused with the light of the electronic age. It was installed as the major art feature in the lobby of Gwangju’s new city hall in 2016,

The Steps

Gwangju Biennale Theme Park
Illuminated FRP Shapes 2004 

A large-scale permanent illuminated FRP sculture installation in front of the Gwangju Biennale main hall. 


Floor design 2004

Chance Encounter

Coex Intercontinental Hotel 2003

Tempus Fugit - Time Travel

TC Company Building
Permanent Installation
Pohwang, Korea 2010